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Suffering from Lumbar Disc Prolapse?
  • A prolapsed disc or commonly known as herniated disc occurs when the outer fibres of the invertebral disc get injured and the...
When to decide to operate on Lumbar Disc Prolapse?

Do you need a surgery for a herniated disc?

6 daily habits to cure back pain - Dubai Orthopedic Clinic

If you thought that it is the common cold that sends individuals to the doctor, then you are living under a rock! It is the ...

Lower Back Pain: Causes and What You Need to Know


Lower back pain is a very common condition and can be related to various anatomical and pathological causes. 


Recovery After Lumbar Micro Discectomy

how long off work I will be after micro discectomy operation?

Microdiscectomy for low back pain

 What is Disc:

Discs are the cartilages separating the vertebrae in the spinal column. The discs are subject to millions and...

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