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Lower back pain is a very common condition and can be related to various anatomical and pathological causes. 

The important points to understand when assessing Lower back pain causes are:

  1. Is the back pain related to movements (mechanical)? Or being static and constant? (static pain is more serious).
  2. Is there any pain at night? Which wakes up the patient from sleep (this is a very alarming complaint).
  3. Is the lower back pain Acute or has been for some time (Chronic)?
  4. Is there any particular history of concern (weight loss, fever)? Which may indicate infection or tumor in the spine?
  5. Is there any other painful joint in the body or morning stiffness? Which may indicate a rheumatology condition.
  6. Is the pain associated with leg pain (sciatica nerve pain) or associated with nerve compromise (weakness in the leg or sensation disturbance).

The doctor after establishing the above point would be able to define the cause of the lower back pain, which may be:

  • Discogenic lower back pain (related to discs between the vertebrae)
  • Pain-related to spinal stenosis (tightness in the spinal canal and the neural foramen where the nerves exit from the spin).
  • Pain-related to osteoarthritis (Wear and tear of the spinal joints)
  • Pain-related to inflammatory arthropathy ( rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases in the same general group).
  • Pure pain related to muscular or ligament strain or sprain.
  • Posture-related pain is also within the list and it is usually of fatigue type. (endurance-related).                                                                          
  • There are many other causes of lower back pain that your doctor would also take into account in addition to the above.

Our advice is always, do not ignore any lower back pain for more than 2 days even if it is isolated complaint. Do not hesitate to book your appointment with your doctor as pain sources need to be analyzed.


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