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Innovative method for Pilonidal Sinus Treatment (EPSiT)
  • Pilonidal Sinus Treatment (EPSiT) is a very innovative method - performed only with a tiny 5 mm incision on the sinus...
7 reasons to treat your anal fistula in our advanced technique, VAAFT

If you suffer from anal fistula you would understand how troublesome is the condition, and how much it is affecting your...

THD - New surgical technique targets the source of hemorrhoids

A brief on Hemorrhoids:

As a part of normal anatomy, most people suffer from hemorrhoids tissue. This problem is the...

Hemorrhoids - Effective management of pain during THD recovery period

Reliable tips for effective management of pain and other issues during THD recovery period

THD or Transanal Hemorrhoidal...

Hemorrhoids - 7 reasons to consider THD rather than other treatment

Haemorrhoidectomy is considered to be the gold standard, and it is the most widely used technique in the world. The best...

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