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If you thought that it is the common cold that sends individuals to the doctor, then you are living under a rock! It is the Back pain! Back pain ranks fifth when it comes to being the reason for hospitalization and third when it comes to being the reason for undergoing surgery. The causes of back pain are myriad and it indeed disrupts the daily routine of a person.


Determining a concrete cause for back pain may be difficult, but a change in daily habits can indeed help in curing back pain.

Let's have a look at some of the daily habits which you must incorporate into your lifestyle to cure the deadly back pain:

  • Sleeping with a pillow placed under the knees

    • When you sleep on your back, you put great pressure on the spine. By elevating your legs slightly using the pillow, you can cut the pressure considerably and get the needed relief.
  • Lose weight
    • The more the weight, the more the burden on the spine and the back. Also, for holding the tummy fat, the pelvic is pulled forward, which itself causes pain in the back.
    • So, maintaining a healthy weight by exercising regularly is a great thing to add to your schedule to cure back pain.
  • Increase intake of Vitamin D and Calcium
    • Osteoporosis is one of the most common reasons for back pain in women. Hence, keeping the bones strong by increasing the intake of Vitamin D and calcium through milk, leafy vegetables, yogurt or even Vitamin supplements is the best thing to do. However, before taking any of the supplements, we advise you to consult your doctor.
  • The sitting pattern on your work desk
    • Sitting puts 40% more pressure on the spine in comparison to standing. Thus, the way you sit has a great impact on the intensity of the back pain you suffer.
    • Sitting at a 135' angle reduces the compression of the spinal disc, hence it is important to lean slightly at regular intervals. The office chair must support the spinal curve.
    • Sit with your lower back supported and head straight when you look at your desktop/laptop.
  • Strength training
    • One should consider a strength training schedule that works on the core muscles and thus can reduce the risk of back-related problems.
    • Make sure to do the back-related strengthening exercises at least twice in your weekly workout schedule.
  • Shoes
    • Wear a comfortable and low-heeled pair of shoes in order to prevent strain on the back while you stand and thus the back pain.

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