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  • A prolapsed disc or commonly known as herniated disc occurs when the outer fibres of the invertebral disc get injured and the gel like matrial known as nucleus pulposus find its was into the spinal canal and compress the spinal nerves.
  • The herniated disc does occur in all ages, it is more popular around 35-40 years age group and may seldom occur in young children as well.




  • The diagnosis of lumbar disc prolapse is done by taking the full history and examination of the patient followed by MRI scan to confirm the diagnosis.


Non-surgical treatment

  • 80% to 90% of the lumbar disc prolapse get cured by itself and the symptoms disappear by themselves. Our body has a property to look after any injuries which occur in the body (Auto-immune mechanism). It takes about 7 to 8 weeks.
  • Usually, a combination of paracetamol, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory drugs are given as first line treatment and a rigorous schedule of exercises and physiotherapy is followed by them for complete treatment.

The various techniques involved in the treatment of lumbar prolapse disc prolapse are:

  • Spinal Injection
    • A spinal injection is administered in some cases when damage caused to the nerves is causing unbearable pain and the patient is not able to stand on his leg or walk. In this condition, the doctor injects a steroidal solution around the spine which reduces inflammation and control the pain. 
    • Physical therapy
      • The physiotherapist uses stretching and compressing technique to increases the mobility of the joints and muscles and modulate the sensation in the nerves.
  • Surgical Treatment of Lumbar Herniated Disc 
    • Spine surgery is considered in cases where non-surgical methods of treatment fail or if there is untolerable pain or neurological weakness or loss of sensation.
    • your spinal surgeon will guide you to the best solution for your case after explaining the findings to you.

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