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Omega 3 - General Medicine

A typical question that patients ask after seeing their lipid profile report at the clinic is, "Doctor, can I take Omega 3...

Constipation - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


What is constipation?

Constipation is:• Hard, often very small stools• Infrequent bowel movementsor• A feeling of...

20 Best Fruits for Blood Sugar

20 Best Fruits for Blood Sugar

Fiber helps to prevent blood sugar spikes in fruits. It actually traps nutrients inside its...

5 questions about diabetes that I face during clinical consultation

5 questions about diabetes that I face during  clinical consultation

Why do I no longer feel the warning signs of low blood...

7 Important things you need to know about Tuberculosis

What is tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis, usually called TB, is a serious chronic infectious disease caused by a bacterial germ...

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