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Muscle Cramps and Sciatica in pregnancy Dubai Gynecology Clinic

Have you heard of Muscle Cramps and Sciatica in pregnancy?

Definition: A calf muscle cramps causing severe pain which mainly happens suddenly during the night.

3 main reasons why it may happen:

  1. Poor circulation due to pregnancy.
  2. Pressure from gravid uterus and growing baby on your nerves and blood vessels.
  3. Magnesium and calcium deficiency.


  • When you get the cramps, straighten your leg and fix your feet for 30 seconds or until it goes away.
  • Gentle massage can be of help.
  • Drink enough fluid during the day.
  • Take your calcium and magnesium supplements regularly.
  • Choose proper foot wear.
  • Regular antenatal classes of special exercises can be of help.

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Definition: It is a condition which happens due to the pressure on the sciatic nerve that runs from buttocks down to the legs causing severe low back pain radiating to the thigh and to the leg on the affected side.

Pregnancy is a common cause of pelvic nerve compression causing the nerves to be irritated and inflamed as the gravida expanding uterus will cause extra pressure on the sciatic nerve, or sciatica symptoms can usually happen due to muscle tension and unstable joints caused by pregnancy relaxin hormone which helps to get the pelvis ready for childbirth by relaxing the pelvic muscles and ligaments.

Diagnosis: Typical symptom of low back pain radiating to the hips, buttocks, legs, muscle weakness, and loss of tone


  • Rest
  • Avoid prolonged standing, and excess weight gain.
  • Hot pads may help.
  • Simple analgesics like paracetamol may help.
  • Pregnancy pillow is a specially designed pillow as C-shaped or V-shaped with all comfort and support and better alignment of the pelvic.
  • Antenatal class of exercises can be of great help.
  • Swimming can be of help.

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