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What are the possible complications after Stapedectomy?

Stapedectomy is an effective procedure to treat hearing disease. Since any surgery with positive hope of treatment also...

How to know if you need a Stapedectomy?

Hearing impairment exists when there is any difficulty in middle or external ear. A nerve or sensorineural hearing occurs when...

7 imperative reasons for performing Stapedectomy

When a person has hearing impairment, Stapedectomy is performed. This surgical treatment is specifically proposed for...

Feeling Dizziness in your head? It could be vertigo!
  • Ever wondered why you cannot hang out with your friends on those big fearsome rides in the amusement park. Why those simple...
Here's how to relieve the sinus pain?

Are you experiencing terrible pain in the forehead, nose and the cheekbones? If yes, it might be a case that you are suffering...

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