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  • Ever wondered why you cannot hang out with your friends on those big fearsome rides in the amusement park. Why those simple giant wheels make your head go round and round? Looking downwards from tall buildings make a jittery sensation in your toes.


  • If you have felt these then probably you are also a victim of vertigo. Many of us try to relate these incidents of life to the various phobias present.
  • The most favourable is claiming to suffer from acrophobia. Those who link their genuine problems with the phobia tend to forget that phobia is a condition of fear which remains in the mind of an individual due to an early childhood memory or any instance which has cause negative impact on the mind of the child.
  • Dizziness can be caused by the presence of loose crystals present in the earlobe. These crystals are actually attached to micro length hair particles which help us maintain our body balance by signalling the impulses to the medulla oblongata. This condition is also known as BPPV or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. It is the most common cause of vertigo

Why does it happen?

  • It is mainly caused by the disruption of the fluid present in the inner ear It is referred to as otoconia. It occurs when some of the tiny calcium crystals fall off or get displaced from either one or both the sides of the organ into one of the semi-circular canals causing the disruption of fluid in it.
  • People suffering from BPPV most often report the sudden change in head or body position leading to severe episodes of vertigo. These are for short duration but tilting your head, or changing the head position in bed or during rides, results in excessive movement, causing vertigo.

How is Vertigo diagnosed?

  • BPPV is diagnosed while taking into the account about the medical history of the patient. Physical tests and full body examinations which can lead to CT scan and MRI are some times very important to determine the correct source of the problem.
  • The complication in the diagnosis of BPPV is that dizziness can be caused by a variety of factors not only in the physical state but because of psychological or mental impact.
  • Pregnant women or people working in high stress tend to feel the same conditions. Even sometimes hypertension is equated with BPPV.

How is Vertigo treated?

  • While it is a little difficult to diagnose BPPV or Vertigo as it is commonly called, but curing it is extremely easy. With the right choice of diet, manoeuvre, physiotherapy and training one can easily overcome it.
  • Once the patient regularly exercises, the condition improves and the patient is back to a good healthy condition.
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