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how long off work I will be after micro discectomy operation?

what should and should not do?

how long is the recovery period?

when can I drive? 

these are samples of question which we get asked daily before considering the Micro discectomy or any other procedure. I am trying to answer below in simple concise way.

Micro discectomy is carried out nowadays as a day case procedure where the patient can leave the hospital on the same evening or within 24 hours. Here are general tips about the recovery after lumbar micro discectomy.

I personally mobilize my patients out of bed after 6 hours post surgery and assess their fitness for same day discharge. 

I give my patients instructions to avoid carrying any weight for 4-6 week. I prescribe lumbar corset to avoid bending and twisting for 2-3 weeks post surgery to avoid any recurrence of symptoms or recurrent prolapse.

I see my patient few days post surgery to check the neuro status and the surgical field area, and arrange the physiotherapy treatment to start at two weeks post micro discectomy. I give clear instruction to my patient to avoid sitting or standing for any prolonged period, and avoid bending and lifting.

I allow my patients to return to swimming at 3-4 weeks, they also can return to work within 2-3 weeks provided they avoid physical activities for the next few weeks.

Generally all patient return to most of their activities of daily livings within 6 weeks post surgery with the help of physiotherapy and home exercises. 


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