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Open versus endoscopic Hernia repair.


Latest techniques of endoscopic hernia repair

With development in technology including the 3D Laparoscopes and the HD quality, operative techniques became more advanced . The costs, recurrence rate, operation related complications and quality of life have been improved as a result. The free tension Mesh technique improved not only surgery but allowed faster recovery period and better pain relief. The endoscopic hernia repair became the procedure of choice in adults especially for bilateral hernias and recurrent hernias after primary classical anterior open repair.

Because of high interest in endoscopic hernia repair several techniques are now available in order to improve the outcome of surgery. 

  • Placement, number of ports, approach to the hernia and knotting techniques (extra or intra-corporal) are technique enhancement factors which tends to improve the outcome depending on the advanced skills and experience of the surgeon.
  • With respect to inguinal hernias repair, there are two approved surgical approaches available, the TAPP (Trans-abdominal pre-peritoneal repair) which is an approach through the inside of the abdominal cavity and TEP (Totally extra peritoneal repair) which is the approach to the hernia outside the abdominal cavity but inside the abdominal wall.     

 the technique is currently perfect with excellent result, but I am sure there is more to come in the next 10 years particularly for the more complex and revision cases. 

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