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Experience and Vision of Laparoscopic Hernia


Experience and vision of Laparoscopic Hernia Repair:

The experience and the advanced skills of the surgeon in selecting his patient for a particular procedure, which he is highly skilled to do, are the most important factors for having perfect results for this procedure, or any other surgical procedure. The patient himself plays also an important role in the outcome of surgery, whether being an open or minimally invasive surgery. Chronic diseases such as diabetes or obesity are all risk factors that may in one way or another affect negatively the outcome. Therefore, The most important factors for a successful outcome are patient selection, patient cooperation, and experienced surgical hands. These three factors should meet together.       

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery is now one of the most commonly performed general surgical procedures in practice. Evidence in the literature does not point to either the open or Laparoscopic Repair approaches to be superior or inferior to each other. It is the surgeon’s preference that will dictate the best approach for each case after analyzing the risk/benefit ratio followed by a detailed explanation and education of the patient.

According to studies regarding follow-up after Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery, low morbidity and recurrence rates are clearly documented. It is a safe procedure with a very low rate of complications.

During surgery, there are some tricks used by an experienced surgeon in each step that will make the difference.


The procedure takes usually 60 minutes depending on if it is a unilateral or bilateral hernia. It is normally a one-day surgery unless the patient has any other health problems. In this case, this should be done as an inpatient rather than an outpatient. The patient will be discharged on the same day about 3-4 hours after surgery.

We recommend no driving for the first 2 days, especially while taking painkillers. The recovery time varies, but it is approximately 1 week. Some patients return to work even after 2 days. Strenuous exercise should stop until 4 weeks.   


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