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Hypertension and Diabetes

Hypertension and Diabetes (the double trouble) how to control both together?

The combination between hypertension and diabetes cab be lethal, they both increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and also increase the risk of kidney disease and eye retina disease which may lead to blindness.

Hypertension by itself is called the “silent killer” because a lot of patient are not aware about its existence. So what about if it associated with diabetes (sugar level increase in blood without proper utilization of sugar in the body). It is very bad combination when diabetes put hand with hypertension,  increasing the risk of each others. 

Diabetes can increase the blood pressure by three arms:               -

- Vessels stiffness                                                                                                                          

- Accumulation of fluid in the body                                                                                            

- Change insulin utilization


Hypertension and diabetes may cause heart attack or stroke. What about if they associated with other risk factors like:

  •             Positive family history for heart disease.
  •             Stress.
  •             High sodium and fat diet.
  •             Sedentary life style.
  •             Excess of alcohol drinking.
  •             Smoking.
  •             Sleep apnea.
  •             Kidney disease.
  •             Overweight.

(actually it is catastrophic partnership).

 Metabolic Syndrome is having (diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and hyperlipidemia. it is very risky syndrome and we need to handle it trying to destroy these ugly team members.

What shall we do to save those patient?

We should engorge them to reduce the risk factor as much as thy can

 First of all by choosing a healthy lifestyle as:

  •             Losing weight 3-4 kg can help to reduce blood pressure.
  •             Movement at least five days a week for 30 minute per day would be helpful.
  •             Diet (healthy food and low salt).
  •             No smoking.
  •             Reduce the amount of alcohol.


Medication to reduce the blood pressure if it more than 140/90 mm Hg despite lifestyle changes, we would like to bring it down to be less  130/80 mm Hg. Patient should keep on medication for the rest of their lives except if blood pressure is well controlled by diet , weight loss, sport, off smoking and significant reduction in alcohol consumption. We should control diabetes by proper medication including Glucophage.


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