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7 facts you need to know about anti hypertension medication

7 Facts you need to know about antihypertensive medication

High blood pressure which persist overtime require medication treatment. There basic facts about the treatment apart from life style modification include :

 1 – Doctor prescribe antihypertensive medicine to prevent the progression of hypertension and to help protect from serious outcome like stroke, coronary artery disease ( angina – heart attack), heart failure and renal failure.

2 – The goal of treatment is to use less medication to control hypertension and protect the patient from hypertensive disease.

3 – Antihypertensive medication  is used for people with BP more than 140/90 mm Hg, and not responding to lifestyle changes.

4 – People with liver or renal disease have high risk from ACE inhibitors( Captopril group) and ARBs(Losartan group) so we should avoid these drugs here.

5 – People with known allergy or hypersensitivity to a drug are not eligible to take this medicine.

6 – Patients should not start or stop taking their tablets without consulting a physician and they should tell the physician if any unwonted effects developed.

7 – what are the unwonted effect of antihypertensive drugs ?

            Cough especially with ACE inhibitor like Enalapril – Fosipril….

            Diarrhea or constipation e.g constipation with Diltiazem.

            Dizziness or lightheadedness.

            Feeling tired, weak , drowsy easy fatiguability with methyl dopa (Aldomet).

            Erection problems e.g diuretic – beta blocker (atenolol) – methyl dopa.


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