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Stapes removal or stapedectomy is a rather good procedure, helps removing the stapes bone and improving hearing. Though with enough benefits after the procedure, few patients face adverse issues thus suggest avoiding it. Here I go with a few reasons that speak worth avoiding stapedectomy.

Stape D-1.png

However, the technique is not the safest possible way thereby risk is associated along with it! Few patients experience worse after stapedectomy.

  • Deafness: The procedure could cause complete deafness of the operated ear.
  • Permanent dizziness: In a few cases, stapedectomy makes a person have permanent dizziness. In some cases, surgery makes an irritative response in the balancing nerve. For a few patients, it takes several weeks for the dizziness to go away.
  • Ringing or buzzing noise: Though it is performed to remove stapes and improve hearing, it can also cause permanent ringing or buzzing noise around the operated ear.
  • Facial paralysis: Due to the absence of protective bone on the facial nerve, the stapedectomy procedure can cause facial paralysis. It can paralyze a patient’s facial muscles on the operation side.

So, is there any alternative choice for the procedure?

  • Stapedotomy is a modified version of the stapedectomy which is followed as an alternative method of treatment. Furthermore, many healthcare companies state that the modified version is safer than the earlier one. Stapedotomy reduces postsurgical complications which be could experienced by 5% of patients.
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