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 How to manage and diagnose Taste Disorders

How to manage and diagnose Taste Disorders?

Treatment of the underlying cause of your taste problem.

Stopping medication  which affect the sense of taste , treatment of the upper respiratory diseases. Occasionally, a person may recover his or her sense of taste spontaneously. Proper oral hygiene is important to regaining and maintaining a well-functioning sense of taste,If you lose some or all of your sense of taste and the treatment was not successful , here are things you can try to make your food taste better:

  • Prepare foods with a variety of colors and textures.
  • Use aromatic herbs and hot spices to add more flavor; however, avoid adding more sugar or salt to foods.
  • If your food  permits, add small amounts of cheese, bacon bits, butter, olive oil, or toasted nuts on vegetables.
  • Avoid combination dishes, such as casseroles, that can hide individual flavors and dilute taste.

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How are taste disorders diagnosed?

Taste investigation: taste tests may be by applied chemicals substances directly to specific areas of the tongue.

A full assessment of your taste loss should include   

  • a review of your health history;
  • physical examination of your ears, nose, and throat; a dental examination and assessment of oral hygiene;
  • a scientific taste test by a professional health care provider.


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