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What are the causes of Hair Loss?

What are the causes of Hair Loss?

The is no single condition responsible for baldness, however research has shown that there are four factors which can cause severe hair loss:

 Genetic factors

It has been established that a gene inherited through the maternal line can result in hair loss in men, research shows that the pattern of hair loss often imitates that of the maternal grandfathers.

Hormonal factors

Imbalances in the male and female hormones naturally produced by the body may also be a factor in hair loss. Another cause could be an under-active thyroid gland, which can be corrected with the use of medication – your doctor will be able to identify these causes and recommend an appropriate treatment.


Losing hair is a common part of the ageing process, male pattern baldness (which accounts for around 95% of all hair loss in men), is characterized by a receding hair line with very visible hair loss on the top of the head.


Anxiety and other forms of stress can be major factors in hair loss. Many people find that they will suddenly lose large amounts of hair after a major illness or surgery, this is owing to your body’s defence system and hair will usually grow back once you return to good health.

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