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Have you ever been offended by your friends and family picking at you because of your snoring habit? 

If you are a person with a snoring routine, it's time you do something about it and consider this article as a wake-up call to look at this “habit” as an “issue”.

Snoring is your wake-up call 

Is snoring only a cosmetic issue?

  • Snoring is usually regarded by a large number of people as only a cosmetic issue. According to many who don't understand its severity, snoring requires no significant out-of-pocket expenses to be cured. But is this true? 

Is snoring healthy?

Of course not!

  • By the end of this article, we hope and aim to change that thinking so patients who suffer this can get the early treatment they require before this condition turns into a more serious health issue.

Let's get the snoring facts straight.

  • Snoring is more than a sleeping annoyance or hindrance and it is high time that it should not be taken lightly, neither by the one's suffering it nor by the family of the patient who is disturbed because of it. 
  • You must have wondered what are the reasons of snoring? As a matter of fact, in a snoring patient, the increasing thickening in the lining of the huge blood vessels that supply the brain with pure oxygenated blood could be an alarming and dangerous sign of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a condition in which there is a stiffening of the patient's arteries that is in turn responsible for a number of vascular diseases. 

Can you die from snoring?

  • Patients need to perceive and get immediate treatment in the similar manner as they would if they had high blood pressure or other cardiovascular risk factors or even Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
  • What is OSA? Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a sleeping disorder that is brought about due to the collapse of the airway in the patient's throat when he or she is asleep. It causes very loud snoring and pauses in the patient's breathing periodically. It has long been seen to have a link with diseases of cardiovascular nature. It is a dangerous condition in relation to a group of other serious health problems. 

Treatment alternatives

  • Various treatment alternatives include lifestyle changes. Prescribing sleep medicine is also a possible treatment option.
  • Lifestyle alterations mean weight loss or in some cases, the patient is advised the use of a breathing device at night that functions as an aid or assistance.
  • The name of this device is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. In certain advanced stages, surgery such as a tonsillectomy may be required to be opted.
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