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Breast cancer is considered the most common cancer in the country, and it counts for almost 60 per cent of all cancer cases. The average age of women who get breast cancer in the UAE is about 10 years younger than women in Europe and USA.

In Europe and the USA, the average age of women when they are diagnosed with breast cancer is between 55 years to 65 years. While in the UAE, the average age of diagnosis is between 45 years and 55 years. Here, the cases are 10 years younger.

Women have a better chance of surviving breast cancer because the condition is being diagnosed earlier. Last year only 16 per cent of cases were diagnosed at a late stage compared with 64 per cent in 2007. Breast-cancer deaths among Emiratis have also fallen by 55 per cent over the past five years. Early detection equals saved lives. If you detect it early and get treatment early it means you can survive the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Breast cancer has four stages of severity defined by the prevalence and size of the lymph nodes and tumors. If caught at stage one, the chance of survival is between 95 and 100 per cent.

Breast cancer awareness in the UAE now is much better than before. Now, people are aware, but still not everybody. The more women and men are aware, the better it is as the earlier they diagnose breast cancer the higher cure rate they will have.

A mammogram can, on average, diagnose a cancerous lump three years before it becomes palpable. It is because of this reason; Dr. Rami Hamed Center has acquired the latest mammography machine at its Imaging Technology Department to provide checkup facilities to women and men. AT DRHC, we have all the medical examination facilities available as well as we have qualified doctors and medical experts and professionals.

The doctors at Imaging Technology Department at Dr. Rami Hamed Center stress on the importance of regular check-ups for women after every menstrual period. Self-checkup and mammogram after every s is the key because early detection of the tumor can result in high cure rate and survival.

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