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INTRODUCTION: First let us assure you that MRI is definitely radiation free, it has no harm on your body as CT scan may do, and it can be performed on pregnant ladies with no effects on the future baby.


MRI, stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, let me explain how MRI works in a simple way. The part of your body needs scanning will be placed in a safe magnetic field, the magnetic field will keep the hydrogen ions on the same line, next the device will emit safe radio frequency waves which move out these hydrogen ions of the straight line, as the radio frequency waves stop the hydrogen ions will move back to be on straight line. This movement will produce energy which will be analyzed by the computer to produce detailed images of the body anatomy. Here we are, it is like a line of soldiers, came out of line for some reason, and realign back.

MRI scan, is usually ordered for a single part of the body like brain MRI or knee MRI, but with advocate of high tech health check, whole or full body MRI scan is becoming the main focus nowadays due to the following advantages:

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  • Safe (radiation free)
    • MRI is not Like CT scan where you will be subject to a large amount of radiation, which is not justified for check up purposes. You can have multiple MRI per day without any side effects apart from the inconvenience of course.
  • Can be done in a short period of time (20-30) min.
    • Thanks for the advanced technology allowing the scan to be performed in such a short period. Old MRI scan models require 2 hours to do the whole body scan. It also takes less time than detailed ultrasound for the abdomen and pelvis.
  • Allow early detection of diseases and much better prognosis of any identified condition
    • No doubt about this advantage, it is in fact, the main purpose of the whole body MRI scans. Many studies have confirmed much better outcome when treating silent, chronic conditions, tumors, and possible life threatening conditions and save you the consequences of unidentified progression.
  • High Accuracy
    • Due to the high ability to differentiate the tissues structure. The current accuracy of MRI is definitely superior to both CT scan and ultrasound in both whole body and region specific scanning.
  • MRI can also be concentrated on suspected area
    • Due to the high ability to differentiate the tissues structure. The current accuracy of MRI is definitely superior to both CT scan and ultrasound in both whole body and region specific scanning.
  • Allow follow up of previously known condition
    • Again, follow up require periodic multiple scans, and you need to do an MRI rather than CT scan to avoid any radiation. This specific follow-up scan can be a part of whole body scan conducted for screening purposes.
  • It is not operator dependent
    • So you can have double, triple, or much more readings by qualified radiologist or specialists. The result can be obtained on the same day (Same day MRI scan). You will not suffer waiting for the result.
  • Result can be obtained on same day (Same day MRI scan)
    • You will not suffer waiting for the result.
  • No referral from a physician is needed due to the zero risk of radiation
    • You, in fact, can have a walk in MRI.
  • Save time booking more than one scan or appointment during your high tech health check
    • Before the high-tech health check, the physician refers to have an ultrasound or CT scan which can be time-consuming to find a       different appointment for both. MRI can cover the benefit of both CT scan and ultrasound.



MRI is one of the revolutions in the recent scientific era, it is safe, detailed and nonbeatable investigation. Do not hesitate to book if you need an Full body MRI scan on the same day for any reason as long it is indicated. Our team at Dubai leading MRI center will be delighted to answer any further inquiries. 


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