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Our Vision Of Rhinoplasty

The unique about Rhinoplasty, amongst other cosmetic procedure, is the ability of your chosen surgeon to meet both the acceptable function of the nose as a part of the respiratory system together with the patient cosmetic expectation. 

Rhinoplasty will be only successful if it achieves the patient wants, therefore pre-operative analysis of the nose and detailed risk/benefits ratio based discussion with the patient is a paramount to achieve a successful outcome. every little words of the patient need should be taken into consideration. I give mirror and guide him/her to point out the most three things that bothers him/her, and ask for anything else extra expected. I do photo analysis for all patients and suggest possible solution in an open discussion discussion.

Rhinoplasty can only be perfect job, if aimed to improve both the appearance of the nose and the function of the nasal breathing. This require a highly qualified and trained physician, cooperative and understanding patients, and fully equipped operation theatre.

This is my view, wish you the best


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