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Gynecomastia (Male breasts, Man boobs) : Causes and Treatment

Gynaecomastia (Male breasts, Man boobs): Causes and Treatment

Gynecomastia (Male breasts, Man boobs) is the enlargement of breast glands in men. It can be on one side or both. In some cases, it is physiological (normal) e.g., new-born, puberty, middle or old age

Causes of Male Breasts

  • It results from increase of female hormone to male hormone ratio
  • Abnormal causes are 
    • Anabolic Steroids use
    • Some Medications
    • Gender identity Disorders
    • Prostate Cancer Treatment
    • Exposure to exogenous oestrogens
    • Liver disease and others
  • The nipples become firm and rubbery.
  • Nipple can painful and tender to touch and chafing can occur
  • Fat deposits in breast in men due to obesity is called pseudo-gynecomastia

Treatment for Male Breasts

  • Doctor will take your medical history, do clinical examination, may do breast ultrasound
  • Also, he may request mammograms, testicular ultrasound and some blood analysis
  • Physiological gynecomastia can cause embarrassment and sometimes persistent pain.
  • Physiological gynecomastia most usually resolves by itself in 6 months to 3 years.
  • Medications can be prescribed for persistent physiological gynecomastia
  • Some surgical procedure is also available e.g., liposuction, although not recommended in physiological gynecomastia
  • Other cases of abnormal gynecomastia will be managed according to the root cause.

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