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latest rhinoplasty advances.

 Latest rhinoplasty advances.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most successful aesthetic procedures, requiring careful assessment and planning, non-surgical rhinoplasty is gaining in popularity as stand alone or with surgical combination.

Many techniques has been developed for rhinoplasty with high success rate over the last 20 years, some digital development in surgical planning has helped also to gain more of patient expectation particularly in complex and revision cases. 

Surgical techniques:

This operation can be done in several methods.

1.Intrasnasal incision  or Closed Approach

This is done by creating a hidden incision into the nasal cavity and remodulating the bone and cartilage skeleton

2. Open Approach

Through a small external Skin Incision

Using allograft and Autograft for support and augmentation of the nasal dorsum and the nasal tip.

Non-surgical Technique
  • The development of the cosmetic medicine ( fillers ) or non-surgical procedure , has improved the satisfaction of the patients especially in the youth group.


    The opting of open or closed technique will depend on the case and the surgeon preference. As usual patient selection is a paramount for any successful Rhinoplasty.


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