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 How the tinnitus can be diagnosed and analyzed

How the tinnitus can be diagnosed and analyzed?

  • The key for tinnitus diagnosis is the detailed history of the onset and type of the tinnitus .
  • On the clinical examination of the ear, the examiner can see the ear cerumen impacted in the external ear canal and removed. Any edema or inflammation or tympanic membrane perforation).

Some investigation should be requested:

  • Hearing examination (pure tone audiometry) if there is sensory neural hearing loss.
  • The imaging test is depending on the suspected cause of tinnitus (CT, MRI, etc.)
  • Movement tests: the vertigo is sometimes related to the tinnitus.


  • To treat the tinnitus, the doctor should manage the underlying disease examples:
  • Ear wax removal.
  • Treating a blood vessel condition by medication or surgery.
  • Stopping the medication that can cause tinnitus.

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  • Some medications suggested:
    • Anti-depression (Amitriptyline, Alprazolam).
  • Lifestyle remedies:
    • Avoid noise exposure.
    • Avoid alcohol consumption.
    • Manage stress.
  • Some devices:
    • White noise machines
    • Masking devices.
    • Hearing aids.


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