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Foods that your heart hates Dubai Cardiology Clinic

Foods that your heart hates

  • Excess amount of Salt, Fat, Sugar are harmful for the heart and brain to cause heart attack or stroke.
  • Bacon is rich by salt and saturated fat and preservatives (50 % of calories comes from saturated fat) which cause hypercholesterolemia and increase the prevalence of stroke and heart disease.
  • Red Meat small amount of it is ok but if you eat a lot of beef, lamb, pork the prevalence of heart disease and diabetes will be high. So, look for
  • Lean cutes’ meats.
  • Processed Meats, like Salami, sausage, hot dogs they are unfriendly with heart at all, they have a lot of saturated fat, and salt. So, when you like deli meats please go to fresh sliced turkey breast, or salmon.
  • Fried Chicken, it will add calories and fat to healthy breast chicken and it is risk factor for diabetes, obesity, and hypertension and finally heart failure. I advise to move to beast chicken covered by whole wheat flour in oven with some olive oil.

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  • Butter as you no it is rich by saturated fat which is harmful for the heart, so you can replace butter by olive oil or vegetable oil-spreads.
  • Soda it is rich by sugar so overweight, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease waiting you afterward. It is better to replace it by plain, carbonated or unsweetened flavored water.
  • Baked goods like cakes, cookies, and muffins, made from white flour, and saturated fat, so a lot sugar leading to weight gain, increase triglycerides and heart disease, so to be health use whole-wheat flour with plant oils instead of butter.
  • Pizza it is rich by sodium, fat, white flour (sugar) especially take-away it is risk for heart attack. If you order from restaurant ask for thin crust whole wheat, less cheese and a lot of vegetable without sausage or salami. it is healthier to do it your self at home from whole wheat flour.
  • White rice, bread, pasta, refined grainsconverted to sugar quickly then it stored in the body as fat, white flour for snacks is missing their vitamins, fiber, and mineral so unhealthy, try to get half the grain from oat, brown rice and whole wheat.
  • Flavored, Full-fat yogurt it has a lot of sugar, by the way yogurt is full by nutrients, so to get its benefit try low-fat yogurt and add some fresh fruit.
  • French Fries, fast food with deep-fried potatoes is rich by salt and fat if you eat 2-3 time a week you will expect death early. I advise you to do it at home by olive oil in the oven, definitley it is much better.
  • Canned Soup, it has a lot of salt and the creamy soup has saturated fat and it risky for hypertension, heart attack, stroke and heart failure.
  • But you can make healthy soup from vegetable, protein like mushroom and oat.
  • Potato chips, it is rich by salt and saturated fat, you will be hungry again, though move to whole-grain crackers, and popcorn especially prepared by olive.
  • Ice Cream it is high by calories, saturated fat, and sugar it causes weight gain, elevated triglyceride and lead to heart disease.

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