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  • Whether you are a frequent traveller or a person who is just going to experience his /her first flight. You will feel an uneasy and hard to describe the sensation in your ears when your plane takes off and lands. This sensation is bound to take place irrespective of how many times you have travelled in airplanes. Ever wondered why this occurs or what is the reason behind it?

Ear infection: Can it stop you from flying?

The reason behind ear sensation in flights

  • Basically, our atmosphere consists of different layers in which different air pressures exist. This air pressure is the characteristic property of every layer and increases or decreases as we move in different atmospheric layers.
  • The air pressure is built because of varying air density in these layers. When the airplane takes off it changes in the atmospheric layer and also when it lands. This change in the atmospheric layer causes the change in the air pressure.
  • Now our ear, specifically the middle ear consisting of the eustachian tube contains the fluid which is very susceptible to change in air pressure.
  • As the plane takes off and the change in the atmospheric pressure takes place the middle ear reacts to it and causes that strange sensation in the ear. This is the reason for the sensation which we feel during flight take off and landing.

Ear infection

  • Ear infection can because due to various reasons and can be very painful in some cases. The reason for ear infection can be like the exposure of the ear to any foreign particle which can contaminate it.
  • The exposure of the ear to any foreign body such as bacteria or virus which can enter the ear tube and disturb it or cause harmful infection. Infection of the ear is basically the condition in which the ear tube consisting of the middle ear and the outer ear get contaminated.
  • This can also be due to the accumulation of the ear wax for people who are not hygienic and do not take care of their ears.

It effects during flying

  • The plausibility or the chance of any traveller flying with ear infection depends totally on the severity of the infection. It is highly recommended that before boarding any flight with ear infection, the patient should consult his/her doctor.
  • If the infection is mild then he can take the chance of flying but then also the pain will be directly affecting it as the ear canals are bound to get affected during the pressure change.
  • If the ear infection is severe then the patient should refrain from flying and take ample rest before boarding any flight as it may have harmful consequences.


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