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Can Aspirin protect you from having a heart attack

Can Aspirin protect you from having a heart attack?

Aspirin protect against heart attack but does not reduce the risk of cardiac death, because prevention needs apart from aspirin administration to correct many other risk factors such as:

  • Quit cigarette smoking,
  • Control cholesterol,
  • Control hypertension,
  • Control high blood sugar,
  • Keep regular exercise,
  • Healthy foods,
  • Stay lean,
  • Be away from excessive stress.

Aspirin protect the heart by two ways:

  • Short way: the plaque develops and fissure or rupture of the plaque release its continent to blood stream , the platelets stick to the ruptured plague and form clot which block the vessel, aspirin prevent platelet adhesion and clot formation which block the artery.
  • Long way: it is complicated somehow but explain the benefit and side effect of aspirin. Aspirin act on two enzyme cyclooxegnase-1(COX-1) “housekeeping” and cyclooxygenase-2(COX-2)” troubleshooter”.
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COX-1” housekeebing” it stimulate prostaglandins one part of it thromboxane A2 as glue make platelet stick together and form clots which is bad in coronary artery but it is good by stopping bleeding from injured tissues, prostaglandins also protect stomach by stimulating gastric blood flow and the production of

acid- neutralizing bicarbonate and protective mucus. Prostaglandins also help regulate renal function and improve its blood supply. So, by blocking COX-1 by aspirin we get the benefit on vasculature in expenses of increase gastric bleeding and renal dysfunction and hypertension.

COX-2 “trouble shooter” it generate chemical in response to infection and inflammation trigger fever and pain but also produces prostacyclin with vasodilating and anticlot effect, so when we block COT-2 by NSAIMs we get pain relieve but enhance clotting with negative effect on vessels of heart and brain that is why rofecoxib(Vioxx) and valdecoxib(Bextra) were withdrawn from the market.

If we get medicine act by inhibition of thromboxane A2 and leave prostacyclin then we will get the perfect prostaglandin chemical.



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