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Eggs and Cholestrol-1Are eggs good or bad for my cholestrol?

Healthy subject can eat one egg every day without harmful on his heart because each egg contains 186 mg of cholesterol while Dietary Guidelines for Americans allowed you to eat    100-300 mg of cholesterol a day, but in diabetic we advise them to get up to three eggs a week. To avoid hypercholesterolemia and you like eggs you can take egg whites only.

Three types of lipoproteins:

1 - Low density lipoproteins (LDL) which is bad cholesterol because a high level in blood precipitated to build up plague in the coronary artery, and though ischemic heart disease.

2 - High density lipoproteins (HDL) which is good cholesterol because it carries cholesterol back to liver to clean it so it called Clevenger.

3 – Very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) which carries triglycerides.

Four Facts about Cholesterol what are they?

  • It is essential for your body most of it produced in the liver and some quantity comes from animal-derived food.
  • It is a modifiable risk factor you can overcome it by lifestyle changes deit and exercise.
  • There are no specific complain from high cholesterol in your blood.
  • If you could not bring your cholesterol down by lifestyle changes or it is too high then you may prescribe some medicine as statins.

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Can we prevent high cholesterol?

            Four principles     

  • Eat a healthy diet,
  •  Do regular exercise,
  • Avoid smoking,
  • Get healthy weight.


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