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Read carefully these 10 statistical facts about lumbar disc prolapse:

You were told that you have a disc prolapse and worried what is the next step. below are the statistical facts summarized for you in a simple way. hope this will answer most of your questions.

1- More than 10% of people who do not have any complaints in their back have a disc prolapse with no single symptoms.

2- 93% of acute lumbar disc prolapse settle down with conservative management within 3 months.

3- We only treat 7% of acute lumbar disc prolapses surgically.

4- Disc prolapse in the lumbar region can disappear with time spontaneously, with the help of auto-immune mechanism as body defense mechanism (it is a god gift rather than Doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath, or chiropractor miracle - miracles do not happen after profits era)


5- The Success rate of lumbar disc prolapse endoscopic surgery is 95%.

6- The Success rate of percutaneous lumbar disc excision is less than 50%.

7- The Success rate of thermal or laser coagulation of prolapsed lumbar disc is less than 50%.

8- A Higher rate of success of the above non-surgical treatment within the 3 month window period is probably related the normal healing process rather than the procedure itself.

9- Endoscopic lumbar discectomy for prolapse has many advantages as you can read in this link

10- Risk of complication in normal minimally invasive lumbar microdiscectomy is 2-3%. Most complications are treatable.


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