Feeling Dizziness in your head? It could be vertigo!
  • Ever wondered why you cannot hang out with your friends on those big fearsome rides in the amusement park. Why those simple...
Here's how to relieve the sinus pain?

Are you experiencing terrible pain in the forehead, nose and the cheekbones? If yes, it might be a case that you are...

How does fluoride benefit your teeth?

It has always been known that Fluoride has a direct effect on your teeth but why is that?

Do you think no pain means no problem? Wrong!

Do you think no pain means no problem? Wrong! The phrase “no news is good news” doesn’t really apply to dental and oral...

6 Possible complications after Lumbar Discectomy

Lumbar Discectomy is a day case operation nowadays with the use of microdiscectomy technique. The complication rate is very...

6 daily habits to cure back pain

If you thought that it is the common cold that sends individuals to doctor, then you are living under the rock! It is the ...

6 common causes of shoulder pain

The shoulder comprises of muscles, nerves, bones, tendons and ligaments as any other joint of the body. There are a number...

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