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What are veneers and crowns?

Veneers and Crown- DRHC Dubai Dental Clinic

If you’re considering to enhance your smile & restore your teeth, you have two major options which are crowns and veneers. Both alternatives are popular and you can achieve great results.

There are some main differences between them which means it is so important to choose the right treatment choice for your specific status.

Veneers and Crown are forms of dental restoration called prosthodontics. They work by adding an artificial layer to cover an existing tooth in order to improve its’ appearance or function.

The main differences between a veneer and a crown are:

  • How much of the original tooth is grinded (removed)
  • How thick the material covering the tooth is
  • How many surfaces of the tooth are covered

Both crowns and veneers are so efficient in improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth.

  • A veneer is usually made of very thin porcelain material called E-Max (up to 0.5mm thickness or even less) and it is usually bonded to the front surface of a tooth (which is called buccal surface) with color-matched shade to your natural teeth or you can whiten the teeth by choosing whiter shade than your natural teeth shade. Veneers are strong & durable but sudden heavy bite or repeated forces can either crack or break them.

6 facts you need to know about veneer and crown - DRHC Dubai Dental Clinic

  • A crown covers the entire tooth. It can be made of metal, porcelain that’s called Zircon or a combination of both which is less often nowadays due to aesthetic needs. Crowns have double the thickness of veneers (up to 2mm), making it more durable and resistant to cracking than veneers.

6 facts you need to know about veneer and crowns - DRHC Dubai Dental Clinic






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