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What are healthy shoes and how does it affect our feet?

What are healthy shoes and how does it affect our feet

Shoes does affect our feet.The healthy shoes are supposed to support and protect the foot in a dynamic way through motion and choosing the appropriate shoes is something important for that.

If you looking for suitable healthy shoes, keep in your mind with these advices:

  • Shoes should fit the foot exactly by length and width of the foot.Otherwise the smaller shoes will cause skin ulceration and skin corn and it may cause some malformation of the foot and fingers.
  • The heel of the shoes should be slightly elevated from the back side and should be wide to distribute the body weight and to help with balance.
  • It should be wide and comfortable from the anterior part to give a space for the fingers to bend and extend and flexible to enhance the metatarsophalangeal joint movement during walking or running.
  • It shouldn’t be all flat and should have medial arch support.
  • It shouldn’t be tightly sealed and should let the foot evaporate the sweat.

In general, each sport has its own unique shoes.

  • Basketball players wear high neck shoes to help with stabilizing the ankle joint after landing from a jump.
  • Football players wear shoes with spiked heel to help them to run and jump over grassland
  • Runners wear light shoes with support at the back heel and flexible insole at the anterior part of the shoes.

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