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Veneers or Crowns. Which is the best choice to enhance your smile

Veneers or Crowns? Which is the best choice to enhance your smile?


When are veneers the best choice to enhance your smile?

Veneers are considered a treatment choice when the issues you want to fix are minor like badly stained or chipped teeth, minor cracks, small gaps in between the teeth, and teeth mild misalignment. In these cases, veneers improve the colour and enhance the appearance of your teeth significantly by restoring shape, shade & overall smile.

In some cases, once a veneer is applied to a tooth, it will always require covering going forward. You might need to replace the veneer or the tooth could be reduced further to allow a crown placement.

Therefore, veneers are as permanent as a crown and shouldn’t be chosen on the basis that they are either temporary or reversible.

When are crowns the best choice to enhance your smile?

Crowns are a better choice than veneers when there are more issues with your teeth like badly cracked teeth, previous root canal treatment, broken parts of your teeth, and edges of the tooth that have been damaged by grinding or fillings covering most of the tooth surfaces.

At similar cases, a crown is used as a treatment choice to protect the tooth from any further damage that might lead to extraction. Once a crown is fixed into its’ place, it becomes the new outside surface for the tooth to cover it completely. A crown usually restores the tooth's shape & function.

Crowns are more effective in such cases than veneers and can improve both the color and shape of existing teeth significantly. Once a crown is placed, the tooth will always have to be covered.

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