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Tooth Sensitivity after filling

Some people might have tooth sensitivity after replacing an old filling (like amalgam fillings) or after fillings of a current cavity. The tooth caries & cavities cause tooth sensitivity and irritate the tooth. However, the filling treatment is so important but it can lead to further sensitivity.

Fortunately, tooth sensitivity after a filling should improve on its own within a few weeks. It might take longer time but as long as the tooth sensitivity shows improvements, you shouldn’t worry. Sometimes, when the tooth sensitivity last longer than expected, it indicates that a root canal treatment is needed.

Sometimes, you might experience tooth sensitivity after a filling when you bite down on that tooth. This can be fixed with a simple bite adjustment & the dentist could lower the filling. Some in-office treatments can help to lower your teeth sensitivity significantly.

Your dentist should observe your sensitive tooth for up to 1 month. In case of continuous sensitivity, root canal treatment will be the preferred treatment choice.

However, even when your tooth sensitivity disappears, it’s recommended to observe it by x-rays after 3 months to evaluate the tooth pulp & peri-apical tissues status because tooth sensitivity that last for long time can lead to irreversible pulpitis (pulpal tissues inflammation) that require a root canal treatment even if your tooth is asymptomatic.

Tooth sensitivity can irritate you but it can be fixed. Get your sensitive tooth checked in DRHC dental department where we have wide range of treatments to fix tooth sensitivity issues.




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