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Patient Diary: Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Patient Diary Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Patient heard about Cinderella foot surgery from her friend and went to ask our orthopedist about it.

Patient : Hello Doctor, I’m suffering from my foot pain after exercises and there is no single suitable shoes that suits my foot. Its either too wide or its squeezing my fingers. I don’t like shoes opened from front because my toes are not looking nice especially the second toe, it’s too long.

Doctor: Ok, you have what we call it hallux valgus and the thumb is coming under the second toe which is long and curved in claw position.

Patient: Is there is any thing like insoles or toes separator that can help me in this situation.

Doctor: Actually, the only solution here is a surgery. All insoles or toes separator can’t cure hallux valgus and give very little and temporary help.

Patient: Are the results of these operations permanent?

Doctor: Yes, the results are permanent because the surgery is dealing with the aetiology of the deformity.

Patient: Are these procedures risk-free?

Doctor: Nothing in medicine practice is risk free. In any surgical procedure there are some concerns like wound infection, chronic pain and recurrence of the deformity but with our good experience and with updated techniques and minimal invasive surgeries complications are very rare and temporary if happened.

Patient: Ok, Doctor how much pain do I expect after surgery and how many days I should stay out of work?

Doctor: Pain isn’t severe and is controllable by medicine and within a week after surgery you can attend your work with special walking boot for another 2-3 weeks.

Patient had the operation and after few weeks she was so satisfied about the results and the shape of her feet.

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