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Differences in tooth preparation between a veneer & a crown

Differences in tooth preparation between a veneers & a crown

Veneers are usually more conservative treatment choice than crowns. Less amount of teeth structures we have to trim & remove in order to place a veneer on the tooth. When your treatment is decided as veneers, your dentist will remove a thin layer of tooth enamel and will not usually have to reach deeper to the dentin or back of the tooth.

More amount of the tooth structures we have to trim & remove in order to place a crown on the tooth. Crowns require about 60% or more of the existing tooth structures to be grinded so we can get the required thickness for the crown material. That means three times more than tooth reduction for veneers.

However, sometimes teeth preparation for veneers and crowns can be in a grey area like when veneers are used to correct teeth misalignment. In such cases, teeth preparation may be accompanied with more aggressive grinding of teeth tissues than a crown. This can create some confusion between which type of treatment is better for your teeth.

How can you maintain your perfect smile (Veneers & crowns)?

Your veneers or crowns should last for approximately 10-15 years in case you are taking care of them properly. The porcelain (Ceramic) that’s used for veneers and crowns is so strong, durable & stain-resistant. However, without proper brushing, flossing or when you apply heavy repeated pressures, they can still become discoloured or cracked.

Whitening and bleaching treatments usually work for natural teeth but they don’t work on veneers and crowns. So it’s so important to maintain oral hygiene and good eating habits so that you prolong the lifespan of your beautiful smile.

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