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Cinderella Foot Surgery

Cinderella Foot Surgery - Dubai Orthopedic Clinic


Cosmetic foot surgery  or aesthetic foot surgery all have the same meaning. In every era there are beauty standards. Nowadays people are obsessed with perfection. Hollywood smile, perfect nose, trimmed eyebrows, polished body and now comes the turn of Cinderella foot.

Orthopedic surgeons always think about deformity correction and improvement of mechanical results. Somehow away from cosmetic purposes, but in case of foot problems the correction of hammer toe and bunions or corns removal will give as both functional and cosmetics results.

Cinderella foot surgery is a technique that makes the foot looks cuter and slimmer and it is consist of one or more of these procedures:

  • Correction of hammer or claw toes
  • Correction of hallux valgus (which is a very common foot deformity)
  • Medial or lateral bunion removal
  • Shortening of inappropriate long fingers (will give very good results with shoes fitting)
  • Lengthening of short metatarsal bone (the most common is the fourth metatarsal)
  • Removal of painful corns
  • Nail resizing
  • Wide foot narrowing (especially the anterior side of the foot)
  • Filler procedures (injecting fat or hyaluronic acid into the feet to make the sole of the foot more cushioning).

The good candidate to the Cinderella foot surgery is any one with angulation and pain in toes and not happy with his feet appearance.

As for every medical procedures there are complications and complications related to this technique are

  • Bleeding and cautenous
  • Nerve injury
  • Infection
  • Scars and chronic pain at the operation site.

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