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Patient Story : Ankle Arthroscopy is that easy!

Patient Story  Ankle Arthroscopy is that easy - DRHC Dubai Orthopedic Clinic

I had a twisted ankle 1 year ago, I saw a Doctor for that and followed all of his instructions, to put on a cast for three weeks and to get physiotherapy for my ankle after cast removal, but the pain still existed in my ankle during sport and long walk, and there is mild swelling in the outer side of my ankle, and sometimes I feel a locking sensation in my ankle.

So, I went to the specialist again and he did all the tests on me including magnetic resonance imaging for my ankle, but the clinical test that he did on me that aggravate the symptoms was so precise (the Molloy Test 94% sensitive for antero-lateral ankle impingement) 

He told me that I have an antero-lateral ankle impingement syndrome, because one of the ankle ligaments (the anterior tibio fibular ligament) had torn within the ankle sprain, and ligament healing is incomplete, and that caused synovitis and soft tissue mass that interposed in the joint space of the ankle during walking or sport and causing pain in the anterolateral side of my ankle between the tibia and fibula bones.

And the solution for this problem is very easy, antero-lateral synovectomy is the standard of care for the impingement syndrome (sure in the absence of chronic ankle instability), and he will do that procedure by ankle arthroscopy with two minimal incisions 4 mm for each incision.

After the ankle arthroscopy, the pain resolved within a few weeks. Full recovery time was half the time of open surgery, and I  returned to sports activities 1 month after the ankle arthroscopy.

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