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Breast Pain: Presentations and Management

Breast Pain Presentations and Treatment

Hello, I am Dr Ghada, your breast doctor. Breast pain is very common, more common in younger women. It is usually due to female hormonal fluctuations. Most breast pain is nothing to do with breast cancer.

Presentations of Breast Pain

  • Can be described by you as pain, discomfort, fullness, or tenderness and all sorts of descriptions
  • Can be cyclical on non -cyclical
  • Can be in one breast, both, constant, intermittent, generalized or localised.
  • Can be pre-menstrual, during pregnancy, during lactation or peri-menopausal
  • You may experience it whilst you are talking oral contraceptives pills or HRT

Management of Breast Pain

  • You will need clinical breast examination, +/-mammogram +/- Ultrasound depends on your age to exclude other causes.
  • Usually, it resolves by itself but over-the-counter -simple painkillers can help a lot.
  • Prescription medications are also available.

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